On Feb 10, 2014, leftwing blogs exploded in a fervor about WI gov. Scott Walker supposedly voting for Ronald Reagan. Walker was too young to vote in either of Reagan's presidential elections, so - as many leftwing blogs stated - Walker was either lying or had voted illegally.

As it turns out, the interview in which Walker claimed to have voted for Reagan was allegedly transcribed incorrectly link. Instead of saying "I remember, I was a teenager, had just become a teenager and voted for Ronald Reagan", Walker had said "a vote for Ronald Reagan". There's audio at the link, and while it doesn't include the part before "a vote for", it doesn't sound like Walker said "I voted for".

So, not only was this a very trivial story to begin with, but now it appears to have completely fallen apart.

Which, of course, brings us to Taegan Goddard's PoliticalWire. Their post on this is still titled "Walker Claims He Voted for Reagan" [1], even though there's the barest of corrections appended in an update: "Right Wing News posts the audio of the interview and apologizes for misquoting Walker." The Political Wire post puts all the blame on RWN news, it doesn't correct the headline, and it doesn't mention that the quote their post is based on does not appear to match their headline. Others have changed their headlines and noted that the story appears to have fallen apart. The Political Wire post leaves it to the reader to determine that.

[1] politicalwire . com/archives/2014/02/10/ walker_claims_he_voted_for_reagan.html

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