Two representatives of Political Wire - moderators Meffy and Terje Anderson repeatedly posted false information, including lies about me. When I pointed out how they were wrong or lying, they then deleted those comments so others wouldn't see them.

This page will correct some of the false claims by Political Wire ("PW").

1. Both moderators claimed that I was posting comments at PW in order to increase the "backlinks" to my "blog". That's wrong for at least these reasons:

A. My goal with leaving comments at PW was to correct misleading posts or comments by others. In one case, I left a link to my extensive coverage showing how a politician is wrong on a PW post that didn't reveal how that politician was wrong. In other cases, another commenter would mislead about an issue, and I left a link showing how they were wrong. Not all comments had links, and any comments I left were on-topic. More on that aspect later.
B. PW uses Disqus comments, and it's not possible to obtain "backlinks" using Disqus. Those comments are loaded with Javascript. Search engines don't load or evaluate the Javascript in pages: they see web pages the same way you would if you disabled Javascript and disable CSS styles. If you do that with any PW page, you won't see any comments. Further, Disqus links have the nofollow tag, which means that even if a search engine saw those links they wouldn't pass any "search engine juice".
C. My site isn't a "blog". While some of the entries from last decade are a bit "bloggy", I don't want to be associated with blogs or bloggers. PW is a "clip blog": summarizing something written by someone else and linking to it. About the only difference between PW and, for instance, Instapundit is that the latter tends to add a snarky comment. I don't want to be associated with those types of sites.

2. Meffy claimed that I was creating new "sockpuppet" accounts to leave comments at PW. That's false for at least two reasons, showing yet again Meffy's habit of lying:

A. A "sockpuppet" is a pseudonym used to mask someone's identity (frequently used as shill). I never used any such accounts on PW. At that site, I only used these accounts: 24AheadDottCom (display name 24AheadDotCom), LonewackoDotCom (ditto), and PeekURLDotCom (display name the same). When I used the latter name, the first two words of the comment were "24AheadDotCom here", I never attempted to mask my identity. Further, right at the top of it says: "Sponsored by @24AheadDotCom". Unlike others, I have no need or interest in hiding behind pseudonyms: the names I use are trademarks.
B. All of the three accounts I used had been created years before, something that is obvious from the Disqus interface that Meffy used to delete the comments.

3. Meffy couldn't even tell the truth about my Disqus states: he/she claimed that I'd posted many fewer comments overall than I have and grossly inflated my supposed spam reports. Those reports are actually just revenge votes since I don't post me-too comments in echo chambers but instead almost all of my comments challenge either the post or other commenters.

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